Interim Recruiting

Processing of recruiting
tasks on site

We take over strategic and / or operational tasks in recruiting on site at our clients’ premises. In doing so, we not only develop standards and/or processes, but many times also our clients’ employees.

Your Advantages

Operational Readiness

Experience has shown that a 1-2 day handover is sufficient to adapt all relevant information. This includes the products and/or services, the most important information about the company, structure of departments and of course processes. Our interim recruiters are trained to absorb such information in a structured and very quick manner. The interim recruiter can start his work in the first week and is productive from this point on.

Active Sourcing Training Free

Know-how transfer takes place at the same time through the operational work of the interim recruiter on site. The learning effect that sets in is usually far more effective and sustainable than attending an active sourcing training course.

Flexible Use of resources

In addition, the use of an interim recruiter provides great flexibility in terms of time. Our contracts can be terminated within a short period. As a consequence, all costs are eliminated “overnight”, so to speak. An interim recruiter can therefore be used excellently to provide support in times of particularly high recruiting volumes. As soon as the company returns to its steady state, support will be reduced or stopped entirely.