Performance with Heart and Mind

We feel 100 percent committed to our clients and the same goes for our candidates. This is the only way can we develop the necessary openness and trust for all parties.

To achieve this, we adhere to a few important principles:

We only accept assignments if we have the capacity to process them according to our standards.
We only accept assignments that we are convinced we can handle successfully.
Industry Knowledge
We only work in industries in which we feel at home (see references) and whose processes we know.
We only accept consulting assignments that we can process exclusively.
We work with our own research and do not rely on the performance of other companies or people.
We guarantee for our work. Namely, that we keep searching until we have found a suitable candidate. But also, that a new candidte will be found free of charge if client and candidate, in contrary to expectations, did not match.

Commmunication is Key.

Personal Service


For us, this means that we make commitments carefully.

Once we have given our word, we stick to it and fulfill promises conscientiously and punctually.

If this is not possible due to special circumstances, we will inform you in due time. Hereby we will make clear that and for what reason we cannot keep our promises.

Then we will look for solutions together with the client.

Reliable Status Reports

We report to our customers promptly and very openly about the status of the projects.

This prevents the impression of a “black box” and allows us to react quickly if we notice that the agreed strategy cannot be implemented on the market.

Then, we will discuss proposals for action or solutions with the client so that we can achieve our goal within the agreed time frame.

Here, you can find a paradigmatic status reports.

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