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We fill your vacancy as an external consultant using our proven process.

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Our Search Process

Pre-Contractual Analysis

At the beginning of every project, we elaborate the content of the assignment together with our clients – precisely and in a binding manner. Agreed schedules and cost budgets are binding and obligatory for us.

Profile Definition

After discussing with all relevant stakeholders, we elaborate the position profile which will become the basis of our search. Therefore, we always have our clients verify this document so no misunderstandings can endanger the process.

Candidate Sourcing

The most important step in our process. At this point we see for the first time whether the strategy developed together with the client can be implemented in the market. In this stage, close cooperation and very open communication on both sides are crucial for the project.

Consultant Interviews and Reports

We assess our candidates using structured interviews and in any assignment we obtain references for the shortlisted candidates. If the client wishes, we area able to perform a formal assessment with the candidates. In our opinion, psychometric tests from SHL are particularly well suited, as they question professional suitability.


All candidates we propose as suitable candidate have been assessed in a personal interview. The best ones are sent to the client as part of a shortlist. A confidential report is created on each candidate, as well as the report about the reference call. This anables the client to inviting the best candidates for a personal interview.

Client Interviews

The client interviews are not only organized by us, but also moderated, if possible. This is the best way to receive optimal feedback from the client. It enables us to see how he assesses the candidate and this gives us indications whether the search has to be adjusted.

Assessments and Reference Calls

References from previous employers (if possible from direct superiors) are obtained for each of our candidates and attached to the confidential report. Psychometric tests are also carried out at the client’s request and communicated accordingly. We rely on OPQ32 from SHL Germany.

Contract Negotiations

We are happy to support our clients in contract negotiations. Since we usually work with a fixed fee, this also frees us objectively from possible conflicts of interest at this point. As an external third party, we can address certain topics more openly on both sides and thus can bring difficult negotiation situations to a successful conclusion.




If client and candidate agree, we will accompany both parties for the first three months after the candidate has taken over his responsibility. Like with negotiations, in certain situations an external third party can mediate easier between the parties, enabling a “smooth” integration.

The RSP SEARCH PROCESS is the basis of our doing. We are guided by this process in both executive search and interim recruiting.

Unless our clients wants an adaptation to their own processes. As a service provider, we are of course happy to do that as well.